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Oregon Envirothon

The Oregon Envirothon is an exciting, fun way for high school-aged students to learn about tAquatics Competitionhe environment through hands-on field experiences that demonstrate knowledge of natural resources. Teams of five students train and compete in the areas of Aquatic Ecology, Forest Ecology, Soils and Land Use, Wildlife Ecology, and a current environmental issue relating to particular ecosystems. The Oregon Envirothon seeks to develop knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens who are willing to work towards achieving and maintaining a natural balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment.


Each year, Envirothon teaches and positively influences the lives of over 500,000 young people across North America. The number continues to grow as additional states and provinces become involved; in fact, interest has been sparked around the world, from Turkey to Australia. Envirothon is truly becoming international in scope!


Teams are provided with reference materials and may parForestry Competitionticipate in hands-on training to acquire the knowledge and skills needed in each of the testing areas. In the oral presentation component, students learn the complexities of solving environmental problems while working as a team and having fun.


The introductory slideshow and Oregon Envirothon brochure are a great place to see what Envirothon is about. In addition, the letter to teachers may be helpful to learn about the resources available for participation. All resources are in Adobe .pdf format. A link is included at the bottom of this page to get the free Adobe Reader if you don't have it already.

The 21st annual Oregon Envirothon competition was be held Friday, May 5, 2017 at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon.

The current environmental issue for this year is "Agricultural Soil and Water Conservation and Stewardship." Contact us for more information.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated in the 2017 Oregon Envirothon.

1st Place - Logos Public Charter School "Southern Oregon E-Team"

2nd Place - Newberg High School FFA

3rd Place - Amity High School Team A

4th Place - Sutherlin High School 9th Grade

5th Place - Sutherlin High School 10th Grade

The Southern Oregon E-Team will now advance to represent the State of Oregon at the NCF North American Envirothon to be held in Emmitsburg, Maryland in July 2017.